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Taqon Electrico

Taqon ElectriCo is a Solar and Electrical Systems Installer based in Harare Zimbabwe. Our aim is to give the best  Electrical and Solar services, therefore, making our customers happy.

We supply quality solar and electrical products. These are Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, and Solar Inverters. High-end solar and electrical services are given to our customers and as a result, our clients trust us.  Harare is our service center but we also travel all over Zimbabwe. In other words, we get a lot of business. Our projects show that we mean it when we say Customer is king!

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Solar Panels

Reliable Panels
Up to 25 Years Warranty


Durable Batteries
Up to 5 Years Warranty


High Voltage Inverters
Up to 5 Years Warranty


Solar Accessories
Up to 2 Years Warranty

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Buy reliable lasting solar system equipment.

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