6 energy wasting habits in your home

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6 energy wasting habits in your home

At home there are things we do unaware but they really cost us a fortune in the long run.These are energy wasting habits. We have listed a few things you need to take note of all the time when at home which might affect the amount of power you are are consuming; and which can be a huge draw especially if thinking about saving money and power.

1) leaving lights ‘ON’ in unoccupied rooms

Many people rarely notice it when lights are ‘on’ even during the day. In the case of a solar system; apart from chewing into your battery unnecessarily, it also gives an unnecessary load to the inverter and also some inverters work very inefficiently if left to be powering such small loads. Also care to switch off lights in unoccupied rooms at night.

2)leaving appliances plugged in or in stand-by mode.

It seems normal to leave appliances switched on in stand-by mode. The down side of this is that it consumes power unnecessarily. Therefore it is wiser and more power conservative to completely plug out appliances from the wall sockets, it saves your battery power as well as your ZESA bill.

3) Washing laundry in hot water.

If you are thinking seriously about saving power, and especially running power on solar; washing with a high temperature setting on the washing machine will chew into your power bank. It is part of energy wasting habits . Even if you are using ZESA consider doing your laundry with cold water as this saves on your power consumption a great deal.

4) Using outdated appliances

Whilst it is of pride to always use your historical television set, it can be a disadvantage especially when it comes to power consumption. Not only TVs, but out dated/old appliances have a higher appetite for power. These might also include old age fridges and old age air-cons and fans, the use of old incandescent bulbs etc. Appliances nowadays are made to be lighter on power consumption. So don’t forget to upgrade.

5) Standing in-front of an open fridge door

Well this one is an everyday thing among us and its also surprising how this applies to energy wasting habits. Well it does. Each time a fridge door is opened, some ‘coolness’ will be lost, thus increasing the time the fridge has to remain ON to maintain a preset temperature.

6) falling asleep with TV on

This one is an obvious case. Sometimes people have woken up with an empty battery because of this one. This is an assured habit of trashing money in the trash can. Its good to remember to plug-out the TV when we feel sleepy. Saving power is actually saving money.

These energy wasting habits can be prevented by conscious decision to have energy management systems in place.

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