7+1 secrets to Increase your Solar Battery Lifespan During Winter

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7+1 secrets to Increase your Solar Battery Lifespan During Winter

Despite the design of your solar battery, it may not provide longer services if not properly maintained. Solar batteries are the heart of your power system hence you secrets to increase your solar battery lifespan. They may demand your attention occasionally, but your relationship with them need not be a struggle. With a proper installation, a little understanding and some simple maintenance, your batteries will live a long and healthy life.

The following are secrets and steps to Increase your Solar Battery lifespan:

1. Properly charge your Solar Battery

There is no substitute for properly charging your batteries, and you need to allow them time to charge especially after they have completely discharged or after they have been working for a long time during the night. Neglecting to allow your batteries to charge poses dangers of losing them to due to under-charging and over-discharge. We would like to believe your charge controller or inverter has a way you can see how much capacity your battery has at a particular time. Some batteries actually have a screen where you can see this displayed as a percentage.

2. Maintain optimum room temperatures

Room temperature is the optimum temperature for batteries to perform. This means a temperature between 20-25 degree Celsius is ideal. It has been proven that for every 10 degree C increase in room temperature, battery life may decrease by up to 30%. For that reason, it’s advisable for the batteries to be installed either in a closed compartment with adequate temperature control or inside the house to maintain room temperature.

3) Regulate the Number of Batteries

Moreover, try to lower the number of batteries used in your solar system. Use of several batteries may result into unequal charging. Therefore, regulate the number of batteries used in your bank up to 4 or maybe less. Do not put too many batteries in parallel if you can avoid it.

4) Rotate your Batteries secrets to Increase your solar battery lifespan of your system

If you have a large bank of batteries, rotate the batteries within the bank periodically. Batteries toward the middle of the bank may not receive as good of charge as the batteries on the outside. Rotating the batteries periodically, will help balance this out. Also, If you have questions pertaining to this, give us a call and we can provide instructions based on your specific equipment.

5) Ensure Solar Batteries do not go Uncharged for a Long Time

Solar batteries are likely to be damaged if they sit for a long time in storage. You need to ensure your source of charging is always turned on to enable the battery charge continuously to facilitate a continuous solar light.

6) Make use of the Appropriate Solar Batteries

Batteries sized appropriately for the application will ensure a long lifespan. Correct battery type application also contributes to the longevity of them. Avoid the use of car batteries or batteries other than deep cycle solar batteries. Good brands contribute as well. Always make sure you use credible brands and make it a habit to deal with credible suppliers.

7) Use low-voltage disconnects secrets to Increase your solar battery lifespan

This might be a bit complicated to understand in a short paragraph. Discharging a battery to exhaustion will cause immediate, irreversible loss of capacity and life expectancy. Your system should employ low voltage disconnect (LVD) in the load circuits. Most good inverters have this feature, and so do many charge controllers and power centers. Don’t depend on human behavior to prevent over-discharge. It can be caused easily by accident or by an irresponsible user. Again, most inverters have LVD built-in but if there are items that tap from the batteries directly (DC loads), please incorporate an LVD device.Solar batteries are the heart of your power system hence you secrets to increase your solar battery lifespan.

7+1 )Bring batteries to a full state-of-charge every 3 weeks

Bring the batteries to a full state-of-charge (SOC) at least every 3 weeks. Fortunately some inverters has this feature inbuilt, and kindly confirm with your installer if this feature has been activated. This reduces internal corrosion and degradation. A full SOC may occur naturally during most of the year, but do not hesitate to run a generator when necessary, to bring the batteries up. For more details, refer to the instructions for the inverter/charger and for the batteries. This is called battery equalization.  This is part of the secrets to increase your solar battery lifespan

some further reading:

Battery equalization is a controlled overcharge of your batteries.  Overcharging sounds bad, but it can actually be very good for your batteries. Individual cells within your batteries can be unevenly charged over time through normal battery charging.  This prevents some cells from reaching a full-charge on a regular basis, which can allow sulfation to build up on the plates.  Equalization provides an opportunity to return all the cells to full charge, as a result, knock some of the sulfation off the plates.  Consult your inverter or charge controller manual for instructions on how to equalize and refer to your battery manufacturer for proper equalization instructions.

In conclusion,If you have questions, give us a call and we can provide instructions based on your specific equipment

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