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The prices of solar panels  in Zimbabwe
Solar Panels

To start with, solar panels generate free electricity but it is important to note that there are still costs associated with installing them. There are several products that are required for a successful solar installation. These products include batteries, solar panels and inverters among others. The product of interest in the article are solar panels. The prices of solar panels in Zimbabwe vary based on a few key factors: efficiency, capacity and your location.

Before dwelling much in the pricing of solar panels it is important for a client to know the different types of solar panels and their efficiency rated. This is imperative so that when one is purchasing solar panels, they know their differences. The most efficient solar panels are monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels and thin- film solar panels. However thin-film solar panels are not readily available in the market in Zimbabwe.

Solar Panel Types

  Solar Cell Type  Efficiency Rate  Advantages  Disadvantages
Monocrystalline Solar Panels20%High efficiency rate, optimized for commercial use, high life -time valueExpensive
Polycrystalline Solar Panels15%Lower PriceSensitive to high temperatures, lower lifespan & slightly less space efficiency.
Thin- Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels  7% to 10%Relatively low costs easy to produce and flexibleShorter warranties and lifespan

Monocrystalline Solar Panels is the purest one. You can easily recognize them from the uniform dark look and the rounded edges. The silicon’s high purity causes this type of solar panel to have highest efficiency rates, with the newest ones reaching above 20%.

Additionally, monocrystalline panels have high-power output, occupy less space, and last the longest. Of course, that also means they are the most expensive of the bunch. To learn more about monocrystalline panels versus polycrystalline panels click here.

More so, Canadian Solar panels continue to take a stance to deliver the best polycrystalline solar modules as a core product offering. Canadian solar panels are the most popular solar panels in Zimbabwe. However there are other brands that cannot be ignored. These brands include jinko solar, JA solar, Trina solar and Yingli solar.

Solar panel Prices in Zimbabwe.

Moving on to the prices of solar panels in Zimbabwe, different distributors have different prices for their solar panels in Zimbabwe. Normally good solar panels that range from 300w to 400w are priced from $120 to $160. $140 being the average of a good solar panel. The most popular and most purchased solar panels are Canadian solar panels. An average 340w Canadian Solar Panel is sold or bought for $140 in Harare Zimbabwe. With one of the more diverse solar module product lines available in 2021. Canadian Solar panels, in general, are considered all-round superior option given such diversity.

The table below shows a detailed list of some the solar panels and their price range in Zimbabwe. This table also gives Taqon Electrico standard prices. This gives a client an idea of how solar panels are priced and what to expect when they want to make an order for the products. It is also imperative to consider the specs and the different types of solar panels explained in table 1 when purchasing solar panels.

Solar panel NamePrice
325w Canadian Solar (monocrystalline)$130
300w Canadian$120
345w Canadian $135
350w Trina Split Max$140
375w Solarcom mono crystalline$135
405w Jinko Mono$147
330w BYD solar panel$130
400w Canadian Hiku$150
360w Canadian Solar$140
Canadian Sola 365w$145


To sum up, at Taqon Electrico we sell quality solar products. The brands we work with are world class. We have the following solar panels, Canadian solar, Trina Solar, Jinko and JA solar. To view more of our solar products kindly click here. We implore you to come and work with Taqon Electrico ,one of the best solar and electrical system installers in Zimbabwe.

The prices of solar panels  in Zimbabwe
Taqon ElectriCo installing solar