Home Luxury Beta

Home Luxury Beta



The HOME LUXURY BETA does your 30+ LED lights, Home Entertainment, WiFi, phone charging, laptops, Full Upright Fridge/ Deep Freezer, Security Lights, High End Fridge, booster Pump 1hp, 1HP Borehole Pump, and some Limited Ironing. This package has a 5kVA solar inverter, which can allow you to load up to 5000 Watts.

Another highlight is the LITHIUM IRON BATTERY TECHNOLOGY that the package comes with. LITHIUM IRON BATTERIES can give you up to 10 years of usage, which is a real bargain. The package can be upgraded as well which means it is very flexible when you have future plans of having a bigger system.

The Package Includes

300-345 Watt Solar Panels

4 units / 5 years warranty

5000VA Inverter

48 Volts hybrid
1 unit / 24 months warranty

Solar Battery

48v 100ah Lithium Iron
1 units / 18 months warranty

Installation & Accessories

Labor, cabling, protection, trunking
Service / 12 months warranty

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