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Home Luxury



The HOME LUXURY PACKAGE powers your 30+ LED lights, Home Entertainment, WiFi, phone charging, laptops, Full Upright Fridge/ Deep Freezer, Security Lights, High End Fridge and a 1 Horse-Power booster Pump . This package has a 3kva solar inverter, which enables you to put your water pumps. The Inverter can also handle more panels on the roof because of its MPPT solar charge controller.

The Package Includes

300-345 Watt Solar Panels

4 units / 5 years warranty

3000VA Inverter

24 Volts hybrid
1 unit / 12 months warranty

Solar Battery

12v 200ah gel
2 units / 18 months warranty

Installation & Accessories

Labor, cabling, protection, trunking
Service / 12 months warranty

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