How to work from home using solar to avoid power outages

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How to work from home using solar to avoid power outages

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a huge change in the way businesses are operating and due to lockdown restrictions in some areas, it caused majority of workers, where possible, to work from home. With access to the internet and electrical power, one can easily attend virtual meetings, compile and send reports and perform various tasks on their desktops/laptops. Some areas have been experiencing erratic power cuts causing interruptions in workloads. This has caused businesses to look for alternative solutions like how to work from home using solar to avoid power outages.

Corona virus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered corona virus. Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.  Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness. The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Due to high positive cases of the virus, most countries have put in place restrictive measures to try and compact the spread. One of these measures can be the decongesting of workplaces to reduce overcrowding hence high risks of spread of the Covid-19. Thus it is important to know how to work from home using solar to avoid power outages.

How to achieve working from home using solar to avoid power outages

The unreliable supply of power leaves one looking for back-up solutions to ensure uninterrupted work time. At Taqon Electrico we offer Solar solutions to dealing with power cuts as people work from home . Independent back-up solutions and solar powered systems can work well for someone who needs power all day to work and is facing load shedding problems. At Taqon Electrico we can help you come up with suitable complete solar packages, helping you beat load shedding.
A complete solar package consists of solar panels, a solar  inverter, solar batteries, solar accessories and solar installation. One can pick a solar package best suited to their needs and budget. To view some of the packages we have, click here.

Working from home using Wifi, laptop and charging your phones

When you are working from home, you would require internet connection using Wifi, a laptop or desktop and a phone that you can easily charge when it runs out of battery. You can install a very basic solar system of a small inverter, a small battery for night use or when it is very cloudy outside ,and solar panels to use during the day. Solar panels convert the energy from the sun to electricity.  Such a solar system can have a minimum back-up power of 4 hours and is easily connected  into your  main electrical system. This ensures that you can automatically switch to solar when Zesa supply is cut. In this plight, we recommend that you use an inverter that can carry up to 600Watts and some solar panels which can at least produce all the power used by your appliances. At Taqon Electrico we have such a basic solar system. Besides powering your laptop, wifi and charging your phone, this complete solar package can also enable you to watch your LED TV. You can click here  to view more about this complete solar package. We call it the ‘Home Economy Lite’ solar package.
complete solar package home economy lite

When more than one person must work from home

In other cases you may have more than one person working from home under the same roof. That means the phones and laptops have doubled. We recommend that you get a bigger solar system that can carry more appliances, and that also gives you more backup time. You can achieve this by using the following: 2 big solar panels,1kva inverter,1 gel battery and the accessories. With this setup you can enjoy using your laptops, WiFi router, your Home Entertainment,  LED lights, , and other light home entertainment appliances. At Taqon Electrico we have such a complete solar package. You can click here to view the solar equipment we use , as well as a chance to download an up-to-date quotation.
 Home Luxury

When you want working from home to be more luxurios

When working from home,  a  small house printer and small bar fridge for your drinks and coolants to help you hydrate during the day can be a requirement. This can be achieved by upgrading the previous inverter to a 1.5kva  /24v. This inverter can work without any problems powering your small bar fridge and your small printer.  Maintaining the 2 big solar panels helps you  supply power during the day,and as well charge the Gel solar batteries that are required to run this solar inverter. The solar battery enables you to get power when it gets cloudy, or when it gets dark. The beauty about this solar system is that it can still run your home entertainment, your lighting, and other light home equipment after it gets dark when you are refreshing after work. To view how many hours this solar system runs after it gets dark, and when there no Zesa anymore, kindly click here.

When you should work long hours into the night

Your job might require you to work long into the night.  This means that you will need a bigger battery bank to carry you through for long after your solar panels have ceased to give power. A bigger battery bank also requires you more solar power to recharge them or to keep them fully charged during the day. With these requirements, you can get away with the previous 1.5kva/24v inverter but coupled with 2 big solar batteries and 4 big solar panels. However, you can still use 2 big solar panels if you will not have very long power cuts. This complete solar package has an excellent battery backup of 2 big 12volts 200ah solar batteries . It can power Lighting 30+ LED lights, Home Entertainment, WiFi, phone charging, laptop, Full Upright Fridge, and Security Lights.  To see all technical specifications of this system, kindly click here.

When your solar requirements are beyond working from home

For many people, having a solar system at home is a need which is beyond only working from home. You may want to power your home appliances like fridges, water pumps, security lights, your microwave oven and even ironing. Others actually look forward to save their electrical bill by using solar systems, whilst others simply do not want to see a single power outage. Those people install solar systems to secure a reliable power supply. We have complete solar packages for this as well. Still, others feel they need a tailor made solar system for their requirements. All this can be achieved , and we are always there to give you the most suitable quote. However, if you are interested in our complete solar packages that go beyond only a single fridge to powering your borehole. We have the following packages:

To wrap up this discussion, we have seen that it is very possible to work from home even with sour power cuts. We can design complete solar systems for all the employees at your workplace  if  you need to be working from home. Healthwise, this is a good move because it de-congests your workplace, and many people will be safer from Covid-19.
Kindly contact us today for a free quote. We will be very pleased to help you.
Besides doing work from home, a stable power supply from a solar system will help you stay in touch with the latest information regarding the Covid-19 government regulations and guides. For example, the latest rules on the curfew and latest lockdown developments.
At Taqon Electrico we specialize in solar systems, you can contact us here to order your solar power backup solution today.


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