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It is becoming more common to install solar batteries with solar panels, especially now as many people are taking a step of switching to solar as a source of energy as a result of load shading in Zimbabwe. Everyone wants to know the price of solar batteries because batteries are the most expensive pieces in a solar systemBatteries provide significant benefits like providing backup power, and the price of installing energy storage continues to get cheaper every year. But it can be difficult to know exactly what to consider when shopping for a solar battery and how different factors affect battery prizes. In this blog, we break down everything you need to know about what affects the pricing of solar batteries, and also what features to look for so you can pick the right battery for our home.

the use of battery

There are many factors to take into consideration when shopping for solar batteries for your home solar power system. Two things to keep in mind are the types of solar batteries you are looking for and what exactly you intend to get out of the battery. This determines the price of solar batteries. When shopping for solar batteries you should consider following the capacity ratings, size, efficiency and most importantly the prize.  

What are the different types and sizes of batteries ?

We have two main solar batteries which are lead acid batteries and Lithium ion batteries. Most residential energy storage systems have been using either lead acid or lithium- ion batteries for their solar systems. Before dwelling into the prizes of these two battery types click here to read further, Taqon Electrico tried to educate you on the differences.

Lead- acid solar batteries

To start with, lead- acid batteries have been used for decades and tend to be the cheapest solar battery option. Their prices range from $220 to $400 depending on size and capacity. However, because of their chemistry, they require more space per kWh storage than Lithium-ion batteries. This means you have to make sure you have adequate space to install them. Despite the fact that they take more space, Lead acid batteries remain the most preferred brand because they are affordable. This is so because they are cost effective. They might not be as efficient as Lithium-ion batteries but they get the job done. Lead acid batteries are 80-85% efficient depending on the model and condition. If one is to do a cost and benefit analysis, it is clear that the lead acid battery is the best in terms of short-term costs and affordability.

Here are some lead iron batteries found at Taqon Electrico and their prices.

Battery  PriceType
240ah Acro Gel battery$379Lead – acid
All grand solar gel batteries$335Lead-acid
All grand 100ah Gel battery 12V$220Lead- acid
ARCO 105 ah Gel Solar Battery SSG 12-105$255Lead- acid
Trojan Solar Battery 205 AH 12V VRLA AGM$390Lead- acid
table 1

Lithium-ion solar batteries

Moving on, when it comes to deep- cycle batteries, lithium-ion batteries are the new kid on block. Lithium ion batteries are 3 times more expensive than Lead acid batteries. Based on this you might immediately conclude that Lithium- ion is not cost effective. For a proper lithium ion battery, you might need to part with over $1000USD. However, despite being relatively new and more expensive, lithium- ion batteries have quickly become the favorite solar energy storage option among some homeowners . Lithium-ion batteries are 95% efficient, have an average of 10 ears life span and they are also smaller and lighter than lead- acid batteries. Their prices however remain a concern for a lot of clients because they are expensive.

Below is a table of Lithium-ion batteries available at Taqon Electrico and their prices.

Battery  PriceType
BYD – 4 800WH$900Lithium-ion
BlueNova 100ah12v$600Lithium-ion
Polyntech Lithium -ion US3000 solar batteries$1 485Lithium-ion
Pylontech US 200 LI 48 150 AH$1 300Lithium-ion
Pylontech US 2000LI 48V/750ah$2 400Lithium-ion
table 2

In conclusion, it is imperative for our customers to take into cognizance the efficiency, size and capacity of solar batteries when looking at the prizes of solar batteries. CONTACT US if you want to purchase the best solar batteries from the best brands. We deliver for free around Harare. We also offer warranties for our solar battery products.